Recent Before & After Photos

Broken Pipe Flood

During cold winter weather, there is a chance for pipes to burst with fluctuating temperatures. In this case, in an office building, this pipe burst and effecte... READ MORE

Emergency Response to Water Loss

SERVPRO of University City was called out to an emergency residential water loss. We were able to respond before any further damage could happen. When you call ... READ MORE

Floor Dryers vs. Dried Floor

In the before picture we had just set out the floor dryers and they had been operating for just a day. The floor and subfloor were still damp but after about a ... READ MORE

Apartment Building Lobby

Pictured here is a before and after shot of the 5 story apartment building. Everything is dry and now the rebuild process will occur in all affected areas. In t... READ MORE

Storm Causes Large Water Loss

A few months ago SERVPRO of University City was called out to a large commercial water loss. Water had been leaking through the roof all night and workers enter... READ MORE

Wet Drop Ceiling Gets Restored

Water damage can occur on any floor of a house or building. When something, for example, happens on the 4th floor of a building, it can result in the floors ben... READ MORE

Box Up After House Fire

SERVPRO of University City took on a house fire clean-up. It was a decent-sized fire on the first and second floors. The fire department had to respond and they... READ MORE

Fire in Darby PA

This photo is from the living room of a home that was damaged by a fire. The fire started from a candle that was left lit while the family was out of their hom... READ MORE

Before and After Commercial Water Loss

A few months ago SERVPRO of University City was called to a sprinkler line break in a luxury apartment building. We quickly responded to the call and started th... READ MORE

Wet Rug Lives On

This is a wet rug at a church we cleaned and dried. Pictured here are before and after photos of the rug. Although the after picture is still a work in progress... READ MORE